“Cause bad girls are always bad girls, lets let them in.” Pavement, major league
“You know I live in the past cause I hate suspense.” Vampire weekend, Diane Young
“I’ll be a friend and fuck up and everything. But I’ll never be anything you ever want me to be.” The national, slipped
Gang Gang Dance “Kamakura” latitude session! This is pretty wicked.

Gang Gang Dance “Kamakura” latitude session! This is pretty wicked.

“And I’ll sit and wonder of every love that could’ve been, if I’d only thought of something charming to say.” Death Cab for Cutie, Sound of Settling

I think Bill Boroughs said it best “heroin is like music, once you’re hooked that’s it.” It’s true once you’re hooked you’re hooked for life, you can try to kick it and say goodbye but you’re never truly leave it.
There are people that love music and then there are people that LOVE music that dice head first in to a band or song and truly understand what the artist is saying, they’re are certain artist that at the right place in time hook you and lead you in to room that you never thought you go in to and end up adoring, they become apart of you and the stuff you end up using late at night when someone is away or someone isn’t there, the become a substitute whatever you need to help you sleep.
I alway tried to kick music, I always try to kick the stuff and move on to something else but when I do it comes back and hit me harder than the last time. I’m hooked I’ve shot my brains out with the best of them, I’ve spend wasted night tracking down a-Capella version of “Wouldn’t be nice” I’ve spend time up in space with the spaceman pining with him over lost love, I had one last donut of the night with dilla.
I was first when I heard the closing track to brother sport, I didn’t know music could have such an profound effect on someone, I didn’t know it could heal until then, every since then I’ve been chasing that high, I’ve come close to it I won’t tell you what but it was there and it was amazing after that I thought it was over but I realized you gotta keep going because that’s what junkies do, they shoot up and survive till they find the next best thing.


I don’t know which grouper album to buy!!!! >..< I just want them all!!!! HELP!!!!!

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